Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mark's Status

While I'm blogging like crazy, I'll go ahead and throw out a Mark update. He's slowly getting better. He finally got the PICC line out of his arm 3 weeks ago. His labs are looking good (ie infection free). He should be starting physical therapy this week. He can stand a bit straighter and isn't using his walker every day; hopefully the improvements will keep coming.
As for the long run, the doctor still doesn't really know what the end result will be. He says maybe 6 months...maybe a year...maybe longer until he's as good as he's gonna be, but we really just have to wait and see.

Almost forgot...

...what made my trip complete. Oh Cafe Rio, how I miss you!


At the end of July, I was able to go to Utah for 10 days, specifically for Carly's wedding but with lots of added perks. It was such a blast seeing all my best buds. Here are some of the highlights...

-Hanging out with the girls at Snowbird and lounging at the pool

-Chelsea’s baby shower

Me and the guest of honor

Finn and Tiana

Long live the Yellow House!

Lachelle, me, Michelle, Chelsea, Shari, Christi, Tiana

-Yummy Guru’s – and the surprise run-in with Carl and her hubby-to-be

-Hanging out with Christi all week love ya, girl!

-Lots of shopping

-Visiting Chelsea, Shari and Michelle’s houses – they are all so cute!

-Catching up with my BFs from freshman year

Rebecca, Katie and me

-An amazing French dinner with Matt, with his friends playing the Amelie music in the background (I’m so sad I didn’t take a picture!)

-Finally getting to meet all the newbies (Finn, Lily, Madison, Eni)

With my new boyfriend, Finn

Chels, Eni, and me after some great Thai food

-All the fun “Carly time” – helping her pack for the honeymoon, the beautiful rehearsal dinner and, of course, the amazing wedding day. What a gorgeous bride/couple/day! I'm so happy I was able to be there and can't wait for the next visit!

Scott and Carly at the rehearsal dinner

Christi, Carly's best friend from Seattle, Niki and me

Ryan and Christi

Christi, Niki, Carly, me

Love the classic "We're married!" picture!

SLC Temple


Her bouquet was beautiful

Posing for the photographer...right after he said I looked familiar and
Christi said "Oh...she used to get around Provo". Classic, Chris!

See you later, Georgia Tech!

Although Mark didn't walk for graduation (he actually missed the last week of classes too, since he had just had his first surgery) we still had to celebrate. Did I mention he graduated with honors from the #4 engineering school in the country? Yeah, he's a smarty.

Yes, I made him borrow a graduation cap so we could take a picture

My parents came into town at the end of July and we had a dinner party with Mark's family. My parents and I also went to the Botanical Gardens and had a great time, although it was h-o-t!
A month later, we celebrated again with some friends. We had a great time (thanks again Melissa and Greg for letting us take over your home).

Some of the guys, playing bocce ball

Logan and Mark

Don't you just love this kid?!

Graduation cap cupcakes - yummy!