Monday, July 7, 2008

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Yes, it's that time again...moving time! I realize that many people like to settle down, buy a house, accumulate possessions, etc, etc. I am not one of those people. The thought of buying/owning a house is not something that crosses my mind very often...and if it does, it is not a happy thought. If I owned a home, that would mean I was tied down to one area for an extended length of time; I don't relish the day when that is true. For now, change is welcome and wonderful. So on August 9th, we'll be moving to a new apartment and we're really excited about it. No more upstairs neighbors, no more dirty carpet, and no more Brockett ward. Hopefully, the new place'll live up to the hype...racquetball court, brand new appliances/carpet/paint, even granite countertops! (I'll let you know once we're there!)
Since we're leaving good ol Amli at North Briarcliff, I thought I'd share some pictures to say farewell. RIP Amli.
Our first big purchase after we got married...our (little used) dining room table.
Sweet wall art, courtesy of Ikea (our office is through the was too messy to make the blog).
The second big purchase was our bedroom set; we love it!
Just like on Cribs...where all the magic happens ;)
Yes, our TV is bigger than yours. Just accept it.Probably the cleanest our bathroom has ever been - sorry, Mark!