Monday, May 21, 2012

It's About Time, Right?

You might be thinking this post title is due to the fact that I haven't blogged in a year.  Nope.  It's about having a baby. 
When you're Mormon, people pretty much expect you to get married and have a baby pronto.  I wasn't really into that.  In fact, if I hadn't been "pushed", I probably would've waited even longer to have a kid.  But thanks to my BFF (love you, Chris!), Mark and I have grown from a couple to a family.  And I don't want to forget the details; thus the new post.
Last summer, Christi decided it was time for us to have kids.  We got married 3 weeks apart (over 5 years ago).  All of our friends have kids.  We're not getting any younger.  Mark and I just bought our first house.  Christi had it all planned out and let me know that July was go time.  I thought it might take a few months, but apparently her plan worked out and we both got pregnant immediately.  I was in denial for a while...and definitely thought if the second line on the pregnancy test was faint it was a no...but after taking the second test it was for sure.  My due date was April 7 and hers was April 1. 
Some people love being pregnant (I've heard).  I am not one of those people.  I hated the morning sickness.  Hated being so exhausted (especially when working such long hours, as well as renovating our house).  Hated the acid reflux.  Hated not being able to sleep at nights.  Hated when I found out it was a boy.  I  never felt excited or happy, honestly throughout the entire pregnancy, except for when Christi found out she was having twins, just like she wanted.  But everyone said when the baby comes, you'll love it.  Turns out they were right, cause I definitely love this little one.

Griffin Asher Brandau
April 5, 2012
8lbs 3 oz; 21.5 inches

I didn't take a lot of pregnancy pictures.  We went to Mexico in December and took tons of pictures there of course, took a few from my trip to Utah for Christi's baby shower in January (see above), and then a couple the week before I was due.  So here are a few...
Tulum (on my birthday)

Playa del Carmen
April 1
Birth details to come in future post.  For now, I've gotta get back to the babe.