Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fun with the Fish

My little sis decided she'd had enough of the sand-n-sun a few weekends ago, and thought a road trip to Atlanta was just what she needed. The most fun thing we did was the Aquarium, and some shopping (I love you, Ikea!); all around it was a pretty fun weekend. Not too much to tell, but enjoy the pics. The king crabs...huge and crazy to see. They can grow as big as a car!The Belugas were super active while we were there, play-biting each other and swimming in circles.Some of the sweet fish we saw.Wendy, in the fish tunnel.I love the jellyfish...they look so peaceful!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and this year it was a blast. We celebrated a bit early with a party at Melissa and Greg's and spent Halloween night trick-or-treating with our friend's Chad and Stacey and their 3 kids. We went to the coolest neighborhood ever; I'll write more about it later, as soon as I get the pictures from Stacey.

Yes, there is no better costume than a bunny and a carrot!
A close up...nice green hair!Amy and Todd, as dog lovers Cruella de Ville and Michael VickMelissa and Greg weren't matching, but her Geisha outfit was nearly as cool as his MORE cowbell!
Lisa, Pete and Brooke as Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Captain HookSpencer and Stacey...don't piss him off!
Dave, joining the men-in-tights club, as one Hot dog