Monday, September 7, 2009

Youth Conference Trip to Nauvoo

The Nauvoo Temple

Last year, Mark and I were called to be Stake Youth Specialists and to be in charge of Youth Conference. A few months later, I was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Young Women's Presidency (I know what you're thinking...I was shocked too). It's be fun to be a part of the youth, since I've never been in an area that has such a diverse group. Our Youth Conference was July 8-11 and we were extremely lucky to be able to travel to Nauvoo. It was a hassle and a headache, but totally worth it. Here's the recap...
Wednesday - Met at the church building at 6:00am. Loaded up the charter bus with 43 youth and 9 leaders. Drove all day. Arrived in Nauvoo around 7:00pm. Played some games, ate dinner, walked around a bit, went to bed.

Where we stayed - The Nauvoo House

Thursday - Got up at 6:00am (not a lot of sleep on this trip). Showered and got ready for the day. Divided into 2 groups to go do baptisms at the temple and watch the movie "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration".

At the Visitor's Center

Went back to the Nauvoo House for lunch and to change. In the afternoon, we visited Carthage Jail and that night we went to the Nauvoo Pageant. I'm still blown away by how much the kids loved the pre-pageant activities.

The room where Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed - Carthage Jail

Some of the youth, in front of Carthage Jail

Me and Mark, during the pre-pageant activities

Friday - Divided into groups and toured the Historic sites (ie blacksmith shop, bakery, old schoolhouse, oxen rides, etc) in the pouring rain.

Luckily, the weather cleared up around 1:00, but those 4 hours getting soaked weren't very fun. In the afternoon, we went and saw "High Hopes and Riverboats", which was a nice nap, and had dinner at the state park. We had a testimony meeting at The Seventies Hall, and around 8:00pm took off for the long drive home.

Saturday - Returned to Atlanta around 10:00am safe and sound. What a trip!

Mark Update

Out of necessity, Mark started work last Monday. The doctor said he could only do 4 hour days for the first week, so that was a good way for him to ease into it. Working definitely wore him out (he'd come home and take a LONG nap each afternoon) but being able to leave the apartment really seemed to cheer him up. Other than work, we've pretty much stayed around the apartment, just relaxing and watching lots of movies. Mark will start full time tomorrow, and we're hoping he's able to get through it. He's been able to get around a little better without his walker, and we're eager to get updates from his doctors. He has 2 appointments next week, so we'll know more then.
I wanted to reiterate how appreciative of all our friends and family for helping us out during this hard time. We have really appreciated all of the support, calls, cards, food and gifts and the kindness and has really helped us stay positive.