Sunday, January 20, 2008

State Capitol

On December 31st, Mark and I took advantage of the holiday and visited some Georgia attractions that are typically only open while we're at work/school. We started the day visiting the State Capitol. Since we were the only 2 people for the 11:00 tour, we had quite the VIP experience, and really had an interesting time. Our tour guide took us around for about 30 minutes, telling us the basics of the main rooms and statues, and then let us wander around for as long as we wanted. She told us to be sure to stop by the Governor's office, to sign in the visitor's book, and we ended up getting a tour of the office as a bonus.
After leaving the Capitol, and being stuck in traffic for a solid hour (freakin' New Year's Parade!), we ate some lunch and then continued on with our touristy day. We went to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which was semi-cool. It was neat seeing how they transport the money from room to room (in little robots), but it was definitely a quick visit. Honestly, the most interesting thing was talking with the police officers who worked there, and learning about what is in the building, besides cash (like a shooting ranges, and a hospital). The also had some great stories, like the time a woman came in with a legitimate $10,000 bill, and tried to get change! One downer about the Fed, was the "No Photography" can't even take pictures of the outside, due to the security measures. So we don't have any pictures to remember it, but I did get a bag of shredded cash, so that'll have to do.
Under the Capitol Dome
Hanging out in Sonny's office

Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry Noel!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season as much as I did. We had a fabulous time celebrating my birthday, spending a week in Florida for Christmas, and celebrating Mark's birthday. Not much else to say...enjoy the pics!
Me and Mark, after a fabulous birthday dinner with Chad and Stacey at The Cheescake Factory. Don't I look old?!
The color version of our Christmas card...don't be too sad if you didn't get's our first year sending them out, so we're still learning.
My niece, Maddalyn, getting excited for Santa to come.
With my other niece, Emma, before the annual Christmas Eve party.
My little sis Wendy and my mom. (Side note: I've gotta give my mom a shout out for looking super skinny after losing an "undisclosed number" of pounds over the last year. I didn't get a swim suit shot, but just you wait until summer!)
Back in Atlanta, we celebrated Mark's birthday with a fun dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant, followed by some HOT donuts.