Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dear Fairy Godmother (and/or Fairy Godfather):

Mark and I want to say THANK YOU! We were definitely surprised to get your letter. This note was so thoughtful... as was the accompanying gift. Apparently we are NOT smart enough to guess who you are, so we'll have to hope you read this blog. We do really appreciate your generosity in this rough time we're going through.
Noelle and Mark

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break 09

For spring break last year, we went to Chattanooga and then Puerto Rico a few weeks later. This year...not so much. Sad, especially since it's our last one! But we still had some fun. We went to the King Tut Exhibit (FYI they have 1/2 price tickets if you go Monday through Thursday after noon). We thought it was really cool - crazy to think how freakin old all the artifacts were. The next day we went to meet Sonny at the Capitol. (Mark's mom is in charge of Public Affairs for the Church for the southeast. She was having the gov sign a proclamation and invited us to be in a picture. You can see some more info - and the picture again - here.)
Mark and I also watched Gone With the Wind (his first time) and then went to check out the Margaret Mitchell House. I had it on my list of "Things to Do in Atlanta" and figured we should get it over with - it wasn't really that cool. I wouldn't recommend it u
nless you totally love GWTW. Or unless you can do it for free, like we did.Me and ScarlettIn front of the entrance to Tara

That pretty much wraps up the week we had. Oh yeah...and if you were still wondering which show was better (see post below) the answer is LARRY BY FAR! A Chorus Line was so lame and Larry turned out to be freaking hilarious. Yes, it was a surprise to us too!