Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

I do find it a bit odd that at 28 I still look forward to Spring Break...that's what being married to a student does to you, I guess. Last week was Tech's break, and I took Wednesday - Friday off to hang out with Mark. We went to the gun range (yes, I am an amazing shot), watched lots of movies of course, had our camping plans canceled due to rain, and traveled to Chattanooga with Amy and Todd. We had a great time visiting all of the touristy stuff I love (the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX, the Incline Railway, Rock City, Ruby Falls) and really enjoyed the trip.Mark's sister, Susan, and her family met up with us on their way from Nashville to Atlanta.Of course I love the touch pools, but Caeli got a little freaked out when the sting ray tried to jump out at us.I think he's waiving at us...We walked through the art district and then across the bridge to see the carousel and lots of cute shops. The steepest passenger Incline in the worldThe entrance to Point Park (at the top of the Incline)The famous See Rock City birdhouseThey called this Mushroom Rock, but I had another name for it...It was a gorgeous, clear day, so I think I saw them all!Fat Man's Squeeze...glad Mark made it through!Inside the cave to Ruby Falls, with a giant stalagmite.The falls were really cool! Glad we had all that rain, finally!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

Uncle Bob followed through with another great Christmas present this to the circus for the whole fam. (If you want to see ALL the pics, click here.)
Yes, gray and gray. Sometimes it just happens...
These freaky little Chinese girls were insane! Their legs could go where no leg should!