Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Road Trip - Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

We left Boston in the early afternoon, and headed to the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Mark's allergic to shellfish, so he ate some fish and laughed at me eating a whole lobster for the first time. Those suckers are tricky, I tell ya! I think it took me an hour or so to eat, and I nearly puked when I cracked the head off and the green slime came pouring out, but it was a fun adventure. I'd definitely recommend this place if you're ever in the area; it was so pretty eating with water all around us.
After eating, we walked around a nearby park and visited the Portland Head Light, the oldest light house in the US.Then we continued driving to North Conway, New Hampshire where we stayed for the night at the Kearsarge Inn. This was our favorite hotel that we stayed at the whole trip. It was more like a B&B and was so cute (I didn't get any pictures though, cause we got there really late and it was raining when we left the next morning). We had the Babe Ruth room, which was fun since we'd just been to Fenway that morning.
After a great breakfast at Peaches (yum!), we drove on. New Hampshire is a really pretty state and we saw some gorgeous scenery as we drove through the White Mountains. It's also extremely windy, as you can see in the video. Apparently, the peak of Mount Washington (that was nearby) is the windiest place in North America.

After driving for a few hours through New Hampshire, we arrived in Waterbury, Vermont at the Ben & Jerry's birthplace. We had fun on the tour - obviously the giant free samples were the best part.N
ext stop: Canada!

Summer Road Trip - Boston

In Boston, we started the first day off with an early lunch at Cheers, and then spent the majority of the day walking the entire Freedom Trail (stopping at all the sights on the way). Dinner that night was in the North End. Giacomo's was delish, and worth the hour wait if you're only going to go once, but Mike's Pastry will be a must-visit on any return trips. The lobster tail is to die for.The next day started out right, with more pastries, and then we had a great tour of Fenway Park, before we headed to Maine for lunch.

Summer Road Trip - Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island turned out to be a surprise fav on the trip. We didn't know much about Newport before we got there, but it turns out the weather is great, the mansions are incredible and the scenery is just gorgeous. I can definitely understand why so many people built summer homes here.
We spent the day touring 5 of the Newport Mansions (Green Animals, Kingscote, The Breakers, Marble House and The Elms).