Friday, April 23, 2010


Wow…it’s really been a long time since I’ve updated! Wish I could say I’ve been up to tons of fun stuff, but that’s really not the case. I’m trying to think back to remember if anything really cool happened in Feb/Mar/April…here’s a recap:

February – We saw Mama Mia at the Fox. It sucked. I was super disappointed, since it’s one of my favorite shows, but the sound was totally off and we couldn’t hear half of what they were saying/singing. Very lame.

March – Work started getting a bit busier, which I’m very happy about. My parents were in town for a night (on their way to NC) so we had a fun night out with them.

April – We had a great trip to Utah over Easter weekend. It was an insanely fast trip, but still lots of fun. Highlights include lunch with Michelle and Finn at CafĂ© Rio; getting to meet Katie’s new son (and hanging out with her cute daughter); catching up with Chelsea, Matini and Eni (even though Chels scarred me for life!); dinner at Guru’s with Curtis and Shari; dinner with Natalie and Carly; getting to go to conference with Mark (he went to Priesthood and we went together on Sunday morning); and just spending so much time with Christi and Ryan. [Now all of you need to come visit me!] It was a great trip, but lame in the fact that I didn’t take a single picture! What’s wrong with me?!

Since the Utah trip, we’ve done a few more fun things…went to our first Braves game of the season, celebrated Stacey’s birthday at the Punchline, and finally visited the miniature animal farm (where we did I’ve still been dreaming of vacations, as always, and have pretty much finalized our East Coast road trip (we’ll see if it happens). We’ve also been super busy every Sunday with our church callings (we’re in the stake youth) and can’t wait for ward conferences to be over. take pictures – stand by for those in the next post).

Ok, enough catch up for now. I’ll try to get the pictures of the mini animals posted soon. They will make you want to own a miniature goat, guaranteed.