Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kangaroos Everywhere

So I have a list "50 Things To Do In Atlanta" on our fridge. And I like to check things off after we've done them. I know, kinda bizarre, but oh well. I love going to museums, zoos, the theatre...basically any kind of touristy place. You've probably gathered that from past posts. Saturday, since I didn't have to work and the weather was amazing, Mark and I decided to hit up #49 from the list...the Kangaroo Conservation Center located in exotic Dawsonville, GA. Who knew such a thing existed?! Apparently, it's the most kangaroos anywhere outside of Australia, and we had a great time seeing all of them! We learned lots of interesting facts: baby kangaroos are only the size of a gummy bear when they're born (the smallest type are only the size of a grain or rice!); Mark is the best boomerang thrower around; and bamboo is an insanely fast grower (see picture below). All in all, a very informative and enjoyable day.Each person in our tour group (there were about 85 of us) got to take a turn throwing a boomerang. I think Mark was a bit nervous, but he got up to the plate and killed it! Seriously, he threw it better than our tour guide.
Yeah...that's fast.
Mark, with a bearded lizard on his shoulder.
This kangaroo was crazy. It was soooo huge and kept growling at us. One of the guides later told us that it meant he was excited, but I think he wanted to kill us!
Getting to pet the kangaroos was awesome, even though we only got to touch the little guys.
I've never posted a video before so hopefully this one will work...we saw some pretty good kanga-fights, but this was the only one recorded.