Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yellow River Game Ranch

In February, we finally made it to the Yellow River Game Ranch. It's one of the few places left on my Things to Do in Atlanta list and I finally got to cross it off. Chad, Stacey, Khira and Ashton came with and we had a great time. Ok, the kids and I had a great time and the other adults were just along for the ride. But it was fun and the weather was great.Right now, Stacey is thinking, "Is this a deer?" (Don't deny it, Stace.)Ok, who knew buffalo's tongues were so insane?! Not me! You should've seen how long they were (this picture does NOT do it justice).
The only animal I saw Mark feed.Here's the "lame adults" sitting down when they could be getting slobbered on by animals. Chad, you are especially lame for being on your phone. :)

Happy New Year

Did anyone miss me?
Glad I didn't make a resolution to blog more often in '11, cause I would've failed big time.
I had 2 very good reasons for my blogging break. First, we took about 2000 pictures in China, and I seriously stress about posting every single one for everyone to see. That's never gonna happen, so they're coming in small spurts. On Facebook. Second, we're temporarily staying with Mark's uncle, whose wireless Internet makes me feel like I live in 1912. It sucks a big one.
But I'm back now and I'll try to be more regular, for all my millions of fans. Here's a recap of life in the last whil
October - We returned from China at the end of the month. (China was amazing. I'd love to go back for another few
months - or a year - but isn't super likely. We had the chance to see some amazing sights and really open our eyes to a part of the world most Westerners will never see.) Moved in with Uncle Bob while we started looking for a house. Thought we'd be out in 2-3 months, but we're pretty much having the worst time house hunting...gone through inspections on 2 places, been outbid on a foreclosure (that we offered full price on), and just had a sucky time. Right now, we're waiting for a response on a short sale we put an offer in 2 weeks ago. Fingers are crossed for this one, but we're not holding our breaths.
November - Celebrated Thanksgiving in Nashville with Mark's sister and her family.December - We were each sick on our birthdays, so those were lame. But Christmas in Florida was really fun.January - I had a voucher from Delta and used to to get away to Boulder, Colorado for a week to visit Emily. We did so many fun things (ghost tour at The Stanley Hotel, tour of Celestial Seasonings, visit to the Molly Brown House and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, to name a few) and it was so great to catch up. I loved getting to meet her adorable foster baby and also being one of the first to find out she's expecting!
These pictures took about 45 minutes to upload - no exaggerating - so if you want to see more, I put most of them on FB. I gotta take a break, so I'll be back with February and March shortly.