Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yellow River Game Ranch

In February, we finally made it to the Yellow River Game Ranch. It's one of the few places left on my Things to Do in Atlanta list and I finally got to cross it off. Chad, Stacey, Khira and Ashton came with and we had a great time. Ok, the kids and I had a great time and the other adults were just along for the ride. But it was fun and the weather was great.Right now, Stacey is thinking, "Is this a deer?" (Don't deny it, Stace.)Ok, who knew buffalo's tongues were so insane?! Not me! You should've seen how long they were (this picture does NOT do it justice).
The only animal I saw Mark feed.Here's the "lame adults" sitting down when they could be getting slobbered on by animals. Chad, you are especially lame for being on your phone. :)


Mark and Lachelle said...

Ok, that buffalo tongue was intense!!

yo free samples said...

WOW!! Looks like full enjoyment i am feeling glad that i am stopping by at your post!!