Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tis the Season

A few weeks ago, we scored some free tickets to the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Lake Allatoona. We had a great time both days...we were able to see some pretty sick rides and get tons of autographs. It definitely put us in the mood to ride, which was good because a few days later, Stacey and I went to the Maven Sessions to start off the season. Stacey - she doesn't ride with her happy face, like I do!

It was a really fun day...we got to ride on a freakin sweet boat, with 5-6 other girls, and learn some tips from the pros. Kara Austin was on our boat, and she was super fun - and an amazing rider.Kara - she was only a bit better than me :)

We also met Melissa Marquardt (who has great bindings, if you're in the market) and Andrea Fountain. We had a photographer on our boat (thanks to the mom of the youngest rider) and she took about 500 pictures of us. Going through them, I definitely noticed one thing...everyone looks really serious (almost angry) when they ride - except me! I am smiling and loving every minute. Apparently, I don't care that I suck! Yea! I go both ways!