Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun Things We Did in January

January was fun. Want me to prove it? Here's what we did:
1. Dialog in the Dark - Amy scored some free tickets and invited me to "see" the exhibit with her. It was really cool. I'd definitely recommend it. Go ahead and purchase the combo tix and see Bodies too.
2. Celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday by visiting his childhood home and the King Center. Welcome to Atlanta.
3. Checked out the boat show just like we do every year, but with free tickets. Visited JOA. Was happy to be remembered as last year's Wakeboard for Life winner. Picked out my new ride. Let's just hope I can get the new boots on a little easier.
4. Watched some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. Paid closer attention when they said they were visiting a restaurant in the Atlanta area. Decided to check out they hype. Waited over 45 minutes to be seated (at a diner, remember). Was not overly impressed.
5. Enjoyed Stomp with the elderly (aka our fellow Fox Ushers).

Resolutions 2-4

I think one reason I've done so well on my New Year's Resolution #1 is that I've had accountability here on my blog. Since I never got around to blogging about the rest of my goals in January, I'll just list them quickly. It can't hurt, right?
2. Work out at least 3 times a week
3. Visit at least 2 foreign countries
4. Find a new job
Of course I have many others I could add, but these are the ones I REALLY want to achieve. I was doing really well with #2, until I lost my job. Then I was in "depression mode" for a week and did pretty much no physical activity (similiar to the activity I did in 2008 - no excuses, I'm just lazy). But I'm bouncing back this week and am trying to make up for lost time.
#3 was going to happen in August. I spent so much time over the last few months planning our 3 week trip to Europe to celebrate Mark graduating. Then I got laid off. But I can still dream, right?
#4 is the most pressing. As you've gathered by this point, I was laid off just over a week ago. I'm really not sad about losing my job, since I completely hated it. Just sad about the income. And the insurance. And the vacation that now can't happen. But I'm hoping something better is going to be found in the future. Hopefully, the very near future (or we may be moving into your basement).