Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Another fun weekend trip means another blog...be excited! This past weekend, Mark and I drove up to Nashville (only 4 hours away...not bad) for some fun with his sister and her family. Thursday afternoon, we drove over and made it there in time for part of Hunter's baseball practice. That night was pretty uneventful; just lounging around the house mainly.
Friday mor
ning we went to The Parthenon which was really cool. It's a to-scale replica of the original in Greece, and the columns around the building were huge! The museum inside was pretty lame, honestly, but the Athena, at 42 feet tall, was incredible. After about an hour there, we headed off to meet Susan and the kids for lunch, then continued on to the Nashville Zoo with Caeli in tow. Unfortunately, the zoo wasn't quite what I'd hoped, but it was still a nice time, especially since the torrential rain storms kept most other visitors away. And having a 5 year old along made it especially fun. She was brave enough to try to feed the lorikeets, but may have regretted that decision. I think my favorite animals were the meerkats and the bats. And the crazy llama who was in desperate need of a dentist was hilarious. That night, after passing a gorgeous rainbow in Susan and Chad's neighborhood, we watched a movie and called it a night.
We had a big day of Cae
li and Hunter's baseball games on Saturday. Mark was so excited to see the games, and really enjoyed watching them. The games took basically the entire day, so we weren't able to get any good sightseeing during the day, but that evening we went to the Opryland Hotel and that was really fun. I loved the fountains and waterfalls, and just the overall feel of the resort. Mark and I explored the various garden rooms and then met up with Susan, Chad and the kids for dinner.
Sunday we
had a delicious breakfast, played some games, and headed home.
The next
scheduled vaca is in 2 1/2 weeks, but I'll let you know if we're up to anything fun before then!